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Hallows Eve Inc.


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If you are interested in working at Hallows Eve Inc., please click and fill out the form. You must be 15yrs or older to apply. We are hiring scare actors, attendants, security, parking attendants, make up artists, and event staff.

Our Team


Blake Bushong


Blake has been in the haunt industry for 10 years and is the owner of HallowsEveInc. Blake started his haunt career at the age of 10 and he has progressed over the years to produce one of the best haunts in the inland empire. Now at the age of 20 blake and his team continue to give guest the experience of a lifetime with the teams latest haunted attractions!

Denny Bushong

Vice President

Denny has been involved with the haunt culture in one way or another for the past 10 years. Helped produce, fund and execute (bring to life) home haunts annually last 6 years and running. Helped create: Hallows Eve Inc.; promoted it to become a household name and known brand with local haunts in the community & surrounding adjacent Riverside area.

Kirk Wudzke: 

Executive Director

Kirk spent 14 years as an electrician before going in building maintenance for a local city. 2nd year haunter bringing loads of organizational skills, construction experience and know how to the table. Being a 2nd year haunter has also allowed me to have a fresh perspective in the design and execution of our haunt.

Mark Stearns 

Production Manager

Mark has been building Halloween props for over 15 years and continues to push his abilities each year. He started out with a small yard haunt and after seeing the reactions of ToTs and neighbors alike he continued adding to it with more elaborate props every year. Mark was not big on store bought props and decided that his haunt would be almost completely made from scratch as much as possible and would change every year. His family are well aware that when Halloween comes around they know to look in the garage for him because he was often there designing and building his latest prop idea.

Al Galagar

Marketing/Casting Director

Al has over 30 years in experience with the haunt industry. He started out with his friends doing a little home haunt and over the years he moved to more independent haunts  such as Sinister Pointe and The 17th Door. Currently he is one of the representatives for and happy to join Hallows Eve Inc as the marketing director.

Shelly Rothermund Logistics Manager

Shelly is a mom and works for Riverside County. She is a horror movie enthusiast and is super creative. She is an absolute lover of everything Halloween!


Jewels Wudzke

 Event Coordinator

Jewels is  a coordinator bringing organization to the table throughout the season. She makes sure everything runs smooth and orderly, with our production plans. Jewels informs the team of any upcoming events such as production deadlines, meetings, and actor scheduling. Jewels ensures all goals for the team are completed on time and ready for opening.

Izzy Wudzke 

Talent Supervisor

Izzy is the Hallows Eve Talent director awarded with the "best performance" for the last year's maze. She is always looking for people who are willing to learn and improve with an open mind.

Costume Designer

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Jerry Arriaga

 Tech Support & Sound Engineer 

Jerry's haunt career started in 2007 when fell in love with the reactions he got and made it into a yearly career. Even though he wasn’t getting paid at the time, he still enjoyed it. Fast forward to 2020, when He heard about Hallows Eve haunted house, Jerry came to the meeting and right away and got to work on helping design some of the rooms by added sound and lighting to give it that extra wow scare factor to it. Jerry is very excited to be able to be back as the tech support & sound engineer!

Hayley Rothermund

Makeup Artist

Hayley is a SFX Makeup Artist and a Photographer. She looks forward to another great Haunt Season.

Danny Gates

Actor/Build Crew

Danny started his haunt career as a kid. He and his dad used to build haunted houses and as he got older Danny’s friend Jerry got him into a haunted house in Pomona. His first year He was a psycho and the second year he was a clown! Later on Danny joined the Scandia haunt in Ontario and finished off as bongo the clown. 2 years ago Danny joined Hallows Eve as an actor and is now on the build team!