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Hallows Eve Inc.


Welcome to the DeadWater State Penitentiary.

Once the home of the most notorious and violent criminals, Dead Water was forced to close in 1963 when word leaked out of the wardens’ most evil and nefarious methods of correction. Heinous methods of torture were found out to be more prevalent and common than not. Shortly after its closure, the prison was purchased and secretly run by an anonymous source who once again assured the public things would be different. Dead Water’s reputation started to recover until the fall of 1965 when Dr. Franklin became hired on as chief medical surgeon who had other intentions for human suspects that society disregarded and who would not be missed outside these cold, layered brick walls. Prisoners were sent to Dead Water under the guise of promised rehabilitation, however, the doctor, being slightly mad himself, chose to experiment on the inmates like lab rats. His goal: to create a viable, insanely disturbed army of prisoners he controls to overtake the prison guards and wreak havoc on the public at large. Tip from the warden: steer clear of the Dr. at all cost.

Break Out 

(7:00 PM)

Chaos, as the sirens whirl, cell doors swing open, and lights blare wicked in the darkness as the guards swarm the cell block. The prison is being taken over. Inmates from every background and criminality barrage wildly into the frey as the smell of warfare lets loose. Anyone who’s anybody will do whatever it takes to escape and taste the sting of freedom on their numb and empty tongues. Will you make it out alive?

Come and Enjoy the Thrill

Hallows Eve Inc has opened its doors to all thrill seekers and horror enthusiasts nationwide.


Please wear appropriate clothing. IF YOU ARE ASTHMATIC PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO BRING YOUR INHALER AS A PRECAUTION! Deadwater State Penitentiary haunted attraction uses Fog and even Fire effects that may irritate asthmatic symptoms!

  1. No alcohol permitted on the property.
  2. Please leave all metal objects in your vehicle.
  3. Please wear appropriate clothing.
  4. Proper shoes must be worn.  Flip flops, sandals, high heels and open toe shoes are not  allowed. 
  5. WARNING: Be aware that we use fog and strobe lighting in our show for those with asthma or epileptic illnesses.
  6.  Pathways in some places are on uneven ground and may be physically challenging.  Please use caution and enter at your own risk.